About Jonathan Strong

The world said I needed a website of my own, so here it is…

photo by Markus Kaiser, 2009

Jonathan Strong grew up in Illinois and now lives in Rockport, Massachusetts.  He teaches fiction writing at Tufts University and the Bread Loaf School of English.  He has also taught at Harvard University, the University of Massachusetts, Boston, and Wellesley College.

He has received the Rosenthal Award of the National Institute of Arts and Letters, two O. Henry awards, and two grants from the National Endowment for the Arts.  His fiction has appeared in Partisan Review, Esquire, Shenandoah, The Atlantic, TriQuarterly, and the Transatlantic Review, among others.

His books are: Consolation, Drawn From LifeA Circle Around Her, The Old World, An Untold Tale, Offspring, Secret Words, Elsewhere, Companion Pieces, Ourselves, The Haunts of His Youth (revised edition of Tike and Five Stories), and the upcoming novels More Light and Hawkweed and Indian Paintbrush.