Reading rescheduled


The reading which I was to have given at Toad Hall Bookstore here in Rockport has been rescheduled at the same place, 47 Main Street, Rockport, Mass., on Thursday, March 20th at 7 pm.  I apologize to anyone who wanted to come to the last reading but couldn’t when it was canceled due to that day’s storm, and hope that we have no more snowstorms this time (enough, winter, enough!), so if you’re free that evening, please attend.  Count this reading as part of the celebration to welcome back spring, which begins–so the calendar says–that day.

I will be reading, as I had planned to before, from my latest novel, Hawkweed and Indian Paintbrush, on sale at Toad Hall.  And I’ll be glad to sign your copy!



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4 responses to “Reading rescheduled

  1. Carey G. Allen

    Hope this isn’t inappropriate but I couldn’t figure any other way to contact you. I don’t know if you are the author of ‘Daddy and Me’ (1946) or not, but if you are and don’t have a copy I have one if you want it.

    • No, it wasn’t Jonathan Strong, sorry! That book, whatever it is, was published a little too long ago to have been by this author.

      –Blog Moderator

      • Carey G. Allen

        Blog Moderator,
        Actually he was a young child and the book was (ghost) written by his father. Pictures were by Lisa Babcock. It’s a childrens book. He still has rights to it; maybe he should put it back in print! At least it would not be a competitor to any of the great books he is writing now! Anyway let him know please…
        -Carey Allen

      • An internet search shows that the book you are asking about was written by someone named Monte Stein who changed his name to Jonathan Strong; that person is not this Jonathan Strong, nor was it his father. Thank you for the kind words and the offer, anyway.

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