More Light

More Light cover

More Light, my latest novel and twelfth volume published, has just been published by Quale Press.  You may find it at these fine websites (among others) and maybe even at a bookstore near you.  (I recommend ordering it from your friendly neighborhood independent bookstore.)


Small Press Distributors

Notes on the book:

More Light is a musical fantasia, in major and minor keys, of the generations at a crossroads and how the stories within our stories weave about us as we grow and change and remember. Iva Sturtevant, a soprano of some repute in provincial European opera houses, has returned to her childhood home to tend her ailing parents. Iva’s brother, Leo Sturtevant, who has never left Josephine, Illinois, has recently been dismissed from his social service job, suspected of inappropriate behavior. Now, awaiting the inevitable disappearance of the oldest generation, Iva entertains Leo with tales from her obscure romantic operas, and Leo entices his big sister to read an old 1960s paperback about the world’s last heterosexual, a novel dear to him for its mirror image of his own plight in a tiny rural town. This old novel even inspires Leo to write something himself, in secret, a mystery story about twin boys, one of them accused of a violent crime.



December 12, 2011 · 5:35 pm

5 responses to “More Light

  1. Jonathan, how enticing this description of MORE LIGHT is! I have ordered my copy, and can’t wait to dive in to opera, sibling relationships, and a secret mystery story about twins. You amaze me! Huge congratulations on this new book!!

  2. harold le boeuf

    Dear Mr. Strong, I just finished reading MORE LIGHT. What an amazing imaginative feat! I especially loved Iva and her special world of opera which you rendered so powerfully. Leo affected me deeply in his quiet sorrow and wisdom. Your talent seems to grow and grow and leaves us to ponder about ourselves in this mysterious world of our lives. Brilliant! …….harold

  3. Hi Jonathan! Congrats on the new book! I can’t wait to read it.
    (Sara Weiss)

  4. harold f le boeuf

    By the way–you think you are in a time warp with your typewriter–I use a 1926 Royal 10! It’s a gem! Harold

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