A Circle Around Her

This is my ninth book, a novel, published by Zoland Books in 2000.

from Booklist:

Mary Lanaghan approaches midlife with an empty nest, having moved herself and her four children into a house in the woods by a lake in 1985 after her husband left them.  Her house and land are surrounded with forest that landlord Drew Hale will eventually sell to subdividing contractors, but that’s not as unsettling as the midlife changes she undergoes during her season of transition to age 50.  Her neighbors, Ron and Victor, the gay couple encouraging her to reenter the dating scene, run the local diner inherited when Victor’s dad died; Drew’s daughter, Peggy, moves in next door, pining for her estranged husband, Stewart, Victor’s best friend.  All is set against the elegiac, contemplative backdrop of nature, with its shifting, yet stabilizing seasons, opening doors of opportunity for those with the eyes to recognize them.  As summer ripens, moving closer to year’s end, so too does Mary move toward greater self-sufficiency and inner strength.  Whitney Scott

From the opening page:

“When Mary Lanaghan’s husband left her in 1985, she took her four children to the country-or so it seemed then-and found a house by a lake in the woods. She was unable to afford as much land about her as she would have liked, but for some years she and her two girls and two boys lived with the sounds of birds and at night only starlight. It was a refuge from the suburb where her neighbors had watched her marriage come apart. Her children went onto the regional high school which was a step down from their old school system, but Mary no longer cared what colleges they got into… ”

Its Amazon page is here.


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