Companion Pieces: Doing and Undoing and Game of Spirit

Companion Pieces, two novellas (Doing and Undoing and Game of Spirit) in one edition, was published by Zoland Books in 1993.

Publishers Weekly wrote:

“Dan and Simeon Poore, troubled brothers in “Doing and Undoing,” the first of two fine novellas featured here, return to the bizzare home where they grew up, an Illinois farm house transmogrified into a gothic castle complete with turrets and gargoyles. As the two recall their Eisenhower-era childhoods and dark fantasy games, secrets emerge. Simeon discloses his early homosexual trysts, while Dan opens up about his failed common-law marriage and his fantasies about an imaginary alter-ego, a composer raised by whores in Alaska. The brothers also visit their eccentric great-uncle who painted the castle’s walls with Norse gods and gnomes symbolizing family members. Using dreams, stream-of-consciousness and conversations, Strong probes the mindset of a duo dangerously trapped in the past. In “Game of Spirit,” Lou, a loner in a nameless sun-drenched town, borrows an ID card from Lew, his neighbor, a shifty, hedonistic draft-dodger who goes by many aliases. Lou, with a fragile sense of self, starts to merge his identity with Lew. Lou/Lew fizzles in a vacuum of the present, just as Dan/Sim founders in the past.”

You can find it at Amazon here:  Companion Pieces.



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2 responses to “Companion Pieces: Doing and Undoing and Game of Spirit

  1. harold le boeuf

    Just finished rereading this enormously satisfying book; two short novels that display all of Mr Strong’s gifts: great poetic prose to comedic dialogue–creates magic on every page. This book deserves a large audience. There were parts of DOING AND UNDOING that left me profoundly moved. GAME OF SPIRIT had me laughing out loud!

  2. On behalf of Jonathan, thanks a lot! (He’s not available right now, and I just maintain this site for him.)

    –The Webmaster

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