Elsewhere, my second novel, was published in 1985 by Ballantine Books.

From the opening page:
Our baby has been taken—not actually my baby, but her baby, and his. He fathered her, I gave her and her mother a home. We have an idea where she is, we know who took her, when and why, but we don’t think we will get her back. He didn’t know what he was leaving us with when he died.
His sister is at the heart of it, but she didn’t dare take the baby herself. Now she’s trying to make some money off a book she has called The Letters Of My Dead Brother. It didn’t take much for her to put it together, just her own memories, which someone else must have written down for her because her own writing is terrible, and then all his letters, his words. If I had lived elsewhere I would have letters too, but I lived here, near him, and so did Nell, my wife…
The paperback is still available at Random House via this page:  Elsewhere.


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4 responses to “Elsewhere

  1. Hah, Jon! Even after all these years you’re still recognizable to me and I’d have paused just passing you on the street! Whew! You’ve definitely built an enviable C.V. by any measure, not simply of recent date but one established long ago! Hell, would I like to talk to you and tweeze your memory from long, long ago. ; )
    George C. O’Connor (Who???)

    • Dear George,
      Sorry for being so long in answering, but I’m internet illiterate and it’s my partner Scott who handles this website! Of course I do remember you, and you may also remember Dr. Jim Sabin who is the husband of one of my summer school colleagues–many overlaps after all these years. Surest way to reach me is by snail mail at the English Department, Tufts University, Medford MA 02155. I’d be glad to hear what you’ve been up to.
      All the best, Jonathan

      • Dear Jon,
        I really regret not being able to reply to *your* reply right away but this rather rugged “flu” with its K.O. punch my sis and I have been passing back and forth for a month now knocking us both flat has been a minor monster! But, with the usual superstitious misgivings I’m now ready to pronounce us both equally “flu-free!”
        Ah, Dr. Sabin! I recall him very clearly especially because he was the first doctor I saw at “M.M.H.C.” and possibly the most amiable and personally agreeable on the staff of all.
        There sure are a lot of overlaps I find more of year after year if not more frequently and, although I’ve never been a believer in the “six degrees of separation” principle I’m losing more and more faith in my disbelief as the oddities and extreme improbabilities keep piling up. Not incidentally I also recall “Dr. Wischne” you were hooked up with as I was with “Dr. Brian B. Doyle” (What an entirely certifiable asshole! I even got to see his weaselly little face on TV in ’91 during “Desert Storm” as he expounded on the “P.T.S.D.” as experienced by our men in uniform. Well, he was here at home busting his ass in a cushy W., D.C. office and plied his expertise on home comers who had just experienced the bombs, exploding rockets and rains of bullets. It was 1991 and the schmuck looked not one iota different from the last second I saw him in 1969! I hope he wasn’t too ruffled seeing “Psychologist” under his name and not the more prestigious and yes, more formally accurate, “Psychiatrist!”
        I still talk at some length about “M.M.H.C.” and people often don’t “get it” when I recount incidents and laugh about it. Hell, if you can squeeze some humor from a major life experience, negative though it be, then do it! I’ve experienced a whole lot worse since the days of M.M.H.C., for sure!
        Well, I’d be at least equally glad to hear what you’ve been up to in this chasm of years! It’s especially curious that one of your summer school colleagues by pure chance turned out to be Dr. Sabin’s wife!
        Well, again by pure chance after meeting my little Harvard Grad buddy at a Gay/Lesbian Students’ Union dance I made mention of you and he recognized your name immediately and that somewhere in his parent’s cellar he had a dusty, yellowing copy of “Tyke” and to this very day I haven’t wrangled it from him! Obviously I had to forget about getting the original by way of him. Well, it’s very much his nature to be volatile and forcing the issue only served to strengthen his perverse resolve to be sure he would never be how I got it should I ever get it. LOL!
        Well, I was a little lengthy here but here’s hoping Scott is on his ‘Net toes in getting this to you. ; )

        My Best,

  2. Hi, George:

    Jonathan says thanks for the response, but to write him via his Tufts address. (He has no patience for computers.) Hope you’re feeling better!

    –The Webmaster

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